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Historia-Battles is a 2D multiplatform turn-based strategy game reproducing real historical battles. Inspired by classic chess game and traditional war board game, the main game design philosophy is player involvement in real historical context, fun and challenge, keeping low game complexity and time to learn.
The full version of the game has more available battles and will be updated adding new scenarios, it can be played in network game mode and has hall of fame ranking functionality. Also it contains the Military Strategy View based on APP-6A standard and historical general picture bookmarks on map. if the game is of your interest consider to support the developer downloading the complete chapter.  

The reproduced battles are:
- 1942 A.D. Rommel Tobruk
- 1942 A.D. Rommel Gazala
- 1942 A.D. Rommel El Alamain
- 1943 A.D. Sicily Battle
- 1943 A.D. Salerno Battle
- 1944 A.D. Montecassino Battle
- 1944 A.D. Dday Omaha Beach Battle
- 1944 A.D. Dday Utah Beach Battle
- 1944 A.D. Operation Cobra Battle
- 1944 A.D. Falaise Pocket Battle
- 1944 A.D. Southern France
- 1944 A.D. Ardennes

Rules of the game:
If all units are killed or home location conquered the player loses the game.
Different units are available each one with different attack, attack range and defend points.
The unit attacked from side or back is damaged considering zero defend points.
The unit attacked can not move (it has no move points).
Unit severely wounded causes panic damage to near ones.
Unit located near home location gets +1 healing point for each turn.
Unit that kill other unit increases experience,attack and defend points, all life points are recovered.

Install Instruction:
Java runtime is needed download from https://www.java.com/it/download/.
After installation of Java Runtime only a double click on the game file is needed.
Otherwise using the console:
java -jar DesktopHistoriaBattlesWW2-CFEL.jar


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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DesktopHistoriaBattlesWW2-CFEL.jar 59 MB

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Downloaded both this one and the Rome demos. Every time I hit End Turn, I get an error log. Every time, both games.

Hi, I will check the problem soon. Two suggestions for now: at the end of each turn the game tries to save the state, the problem could be related to a directory permission problem. If the game crashes and exits it could be a jvm problem, check the version and upgrade if needed. Let me know

It doesn't crash and exit, it just shows a huge error log. Next time, I'll grab a screenie of it. Version? They're demos, so whatever version those are. Thought I'd try them before buying.

I can not reproduce the problem on my Linux laptop, could you give details about os platform, jvm version and the error dumped in the log.

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Java 8 Update 191

Win 7 x 64

New: when I took the screens, both games crashed to desktop.

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Crusade and Rome demos install and play, but WW2 CFEL and Napoleon don't load (appear to be missing config.ini file - does this mean that the full versions of these will not play on my Windows 7 PC.)

Hi, actually I am experiencing low speed download on this site. Download it again and e xecute WW2 CFEL in an empty folder using console command: java -jar DesktopHistoriaBattlesWW2-CFEL.jar

Post me the console output\error to vpirrottina@gmail.com eventually I will send you a working package. Thank you

Looks like it might be my mistake - a simple upgrade to java 8  (was still on java 6 till now) solved it.   All are playing fine now. Will certainly purchase the full editions soon - great games. - excellent work .