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Downloaded both this one and the Rome demos. Every time I hit End Turn, I get an error log. Every time, both games.

Hi, I will check the problem soon. Two suggestions for now: at the end of each turn the game tries to save the state, the problem could be related to a directory permission problem. If the game crashes and exits it could be a jvm problem, check the version and upgrade if needed. Let me know

It doesn't crash and exit, it just shows a huge error log. Next time, I'll grab a screenie of it. Version? They're demos, so whatever version those are. Thought I'd try them before buying.

I can not reproduce the problem on my Linux laptop, could you give details about os platform, jvm version and the error dumped in the log.

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Java 8 Update 191

Win 7 x 64

New: when I took the screens, both games crashed to desktop.

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Crusade and Rome demos install and play, but WW2 CFEL and Napoleon don't load (appear to be missing config.ini file - does this mean that the full versions of these will not play on my Windows 7 PC.)

Hi, actually I am experiencing low speed download on this site. Download it again and e xecute WW2 CFEL in an empty folder using console command: java -jar DesktopHistoriaBattlesWW2-CFEL.jar

Post me the console output\error to eventually I will send you a working package. Thank you

Looks like it might be my mistake - a simple upgrade to java 8  (was still on java 6 till now) solved it.   All are playing fine now. Will certainly purchase the full editions soon - great games. - excellent work .