​Major update - Res Militaria Napoleon

Major update - Res Militaria Napoleon

- Custom Map Editor
- Auto zoom management shortcut in game user interface
- Pinch zoom for touch screen
- Unit and Map Cell Types encyclopedia
- Improved unit select and move usability
- End turn report added
- Many bugs fixed


ResMilitaria-Napoleon_Linux-Demo.zip 98 MB
Nov 18, 2020
ResMilitaria-Napoleon_Windows-Demo.zip 97 MB
Nov 18, 2020
ResMilitaria-Napoleon_Linux.zip 98 MB
Nov 18, 2020
ResMilitaria-Napoleon_Windows.zip 97 MB
Nov 18, 2020

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Hi! Is this absolutely interesting game runnable on Linux X86 machines?

Hi, yes it is a supported platform. Let me know if you have some problems, I have tested only Ubuntu os.

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Hi, Thanks of the reply!

I tried to run it on latest 32-bit Sparky Linux. I get the following error , even as *su:

/Downloads/LINUX# ./ResMilitaria-WW2.x86_64

bash: ./ResMilitaria-WW2.x86_64: Permission denied


I tested also some chmod modifications and then I get the following:

bash: ./ResMilitaria-WW2.x86_64: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

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Try extracting the package in a desktop folder, it seems a permission problem. 

I have just uploaded a new compiled version, you could try this one.

Hello again!

I have tried all posible solution you mentioned and re-checked the chmod params. I run it with wine, and your game rocks!


Hi, I have finally executed the game on Linux this morning:

chmod 777 Res-Militaria-Napoleon.x86_64


I will update installing instruction on site. Thank you!