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Res Militaria Rome 4X (Explore\Expand\Exploit\Exterminate) is a realtime grand strategy game using an infinite procedurally generated map. Battles take place  in tactic maps, using a turn based battle engine (the same of Res Militaria wargame collection).

It is a beta release, development is still in progress. It is in progress also the drawing of a big Mediterranean map as an alternative to play random maps.

The main "Random" map, is procedurally built using simplex noise algorithm. The player has to explore places looking for best locations to create buildings. Each building exploits local ground resources and extract them.

All the available resources are:  food, wood, minerals and money. They are used to build: villages, farms, sawmills, markets and mines or for unit creation.

Inside the village , is possible to create : 1) "Worker" for creating other buildings 2) "Army" to defend or attack, it is also possible to upgrade it increasing infantry, archers and cavalry number.

The app collects some usage statistics, the user can disable this behaviour in the settings screen.

Mini Tutorial:

1. Create a Village selecting the worker unit and using its toolbar

2. Create a Worker inside a Village

3. Create a Farm looking for a cell surrounded by food resources (Grain, Fish, Meat)

4. Create an army into the main village

5. Conquer enemy buildings

6. Fight battles in tactical map, two armies can start a battle only on a grass ground


COST - Money: 100 Food: 0 Wood: 30 Mineral: 30

PRODUCE: Money: 10 House: 11


COST - Money: 30 Food: 0 Wood: 30 Mineral: 0

PRODUCE: Money: 5 Food: 5


COST - Money: 30 Food: 0 Wood: 0 Mineral: 0

PRODUCE: Money: 5 Wood: 5


COST - Money: 50 Food: 0 Wood: 30 Mineral: 0

PRODUCE: Money: 5 Mineral: 5


COST - Money: 30 Food: 0 Wood: 30 Mineral: 0

PRODUCE: Money: 10 


ResMilitaria-Rome4X_Linux-Demo.zip 108 MB
ResMilitaria-Rome4X_Windows-Demo.zip 107 MB
ResMilitaria-Rome4X-Demo.apk 120 MB

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